5 Best Websites to find Car Rental Deals

5. Last Minute Travel The company’s site gives you three choices when selecting a rental car. The site gives you the opportunity to choose the travel dates, pickup and drop-off locations and the model vehicle for your travel. You can sort you preference by price or car class. ...

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5 Scams that Car Rental companies don't want you to know

The Upgrade Option Travelers usually book their preferred vehicle online and in advance so it is reserved for them. Unfortunately, a lot of the time, a customer is informed that the car they booked is unavailable but they can upgrade at a fee. This is unfair and a rip-off ...

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Find out the Best 5 Car Rental Companies in the US

5. Budget Rental Car Company Budget Car Rental Company tops the list because it had a myriad of locations worldwide, and also offers great discounts, allowing you to save up to 35%. The company also has a variety of both high-end and regular cars. Budget offers discounted rates, in ...

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How to Get the Best Price for a Car Rental

Timing is Everything The cost of renting cars is never fixed and mostly changes with the dynamics of demand. It is vital to try and find rental cars when their demand is low since at that time, you will pay much less as opposed to when the demand is high. ...

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5 Tips to get a Better Car Rental price at the Airport

Negotiation is always helpful Do not hesitate to negotiate prices and deals with different car rental companies you may find at the airport. Sometimes, the capacity and will to achieve a successful agreement relies on speaking, inter-personal skills and negotiating. In the same way some people look for a ...

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5 Tips to Get the Cheapest Car Rental Deals

5. Avoid airport rental services It can be very convenient to immediately rent a car as soon as you arrive at the airport especially if you are visiting a new city. However, the convenience provided by airport car rental services comes at a very high price. Before you hire car ...

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Travel insurance: 5 tips on finding the best deals

Check what is covered by your home insurance policy Going on vacation is always exciting, but there are important things to take care of before leaving and one of them is buying a travel insurance policy. One thing you must take into consideration before buying such a policy is to ...

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5 important tips to buy the right travel insurance online

Look beyond the cost of the policy Buying a travel insurance before your trips is extremely important because it will allow you to simply enjoy your holiday without having to worry about anything else. There are many things you must consider before buying a travel insurance online, and one of ...

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The 5 things you need to have before you go on an international flight

A valid travel passport One of the most important documents that you must have before you travel, a passport is often issued by the state department. It authorizes you to leave the country and fly to another destination. When applying for a passport, do it early so its processing does ...

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The five best websites to compare flight prices On Adioso not only will you be able to use the traditional queries such as destination and dates, you will also be able to type in the city you are leaving from, the city you want to get to and the dates of your arrival and departure into ...

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