Five Celebrities Who Have Aged Horribly

Lindsay Lohan In 2004, a bunch of it girls from Los Angeles took over the world's press thanks to their constant catfights, changes of look, changes of boyfriends and, of course, drunken nights out. One of the most popular of the bunch was, without a doubt, Lindsay Lohan, who ...

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Five Celebrities Who Got Fat

Christina Aguilera When she first burst onto the scene, most people believed she was way too skinny. In fact, many magazines used to tell Christina Aguilera to eat more and exercise less. But that all changed when, after giving birth to her first child, Christina Aguilera started putting on weight. ...

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Five Examples of Longest Hollywood Marriages

Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara have weathered numerous storms in the journey of marriage, something that is not a cup of tea for many celebrities. They tied the knot back in 1954 and together they have two children, Ben and Amy. The reason behind their ...

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5 Childhood Stars Who Shine in Adulthood

Zac Efron Zac Efron was a childhood actor whose career is going strong even now that he’s an adult. He got to play parts in “High School Musical” and “Hairspray” when he was younger but he got his big break with “17 Again” after refocusing his career on getting ...

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The 5 most beautiful women in the world

CHARLIZE THERON Who believes beauty is subjective, most probably has never seen this Venus, who seems to be living among us, mere mortals, by mistake. With a statuesque body and a beautiful look Charlize is the icon of the modern woman, able to combine these gifts of nature with an ...

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Five Celebrities Who Have Gone Under The Knife

Pamela Anderson If you asked Tom Jones who he had in mind when he wrote his song “Sex Bomb” he would most probably say it was Pamela Anderson. Every decade has its own sex bomb and there is no doubt that the 90s belonged to Pamela Anderson and her infamous ...

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Five Celebrities Who Have Had A Nose Job

Victoria Beckham Victoria Beckham, also known as Posh Spice, rose to fame in 1996 when the Spice Girls released their first and most successful single, “Wannabe”. That was the moment the five girls became global superstars, but the only one who has pretty much managed to maintain the same level ...

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Five Fabulous Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Christina Ricci in a Givenchy Gown When actress Christina Ricci married James Heerdegen in 2013, she wore a stunning wedding dress especially created for her by Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy Haute Couture. The gown was made of satin, white silk tulle, and Chantilly lace, decorated with embroidered pearls, and it ...

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The 5 moments we can't avoid falling in love with Daryl

The time Merle was killed by Daryl The scene in which Daryl was forced to kill Merle simply has to make the ranking because it was such a devastating moment for everyone. Although many viewers were happy to see Merle die, it was at the same time painful watching Daryl ...

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5 killer celebrities you did not know about

Felicia Pearson Felicia Pearson was just 14 when she shot to death a girl called Okia Toomer. The “The Wire” actress was found guilty and convicted of second-degree murder, sentenced to sixteen years in prison. However, she earned her GED and was released just after six years and half, ...

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